The Back Cracker

Lesson number one. Never turn your back on someone with dementia, even if it’s a mild form.

I was having a conversation today with a sweet little elderly women with mild dementia, and she wanted to show me how well she is able to get around for her age. She showed me that she could easily bend over and touch her hands to the floor. I giggled and was impressed with her flexibility. I bent over and showed her I could just barely touch the tops of my shoes. 

She gently put her hand on my back and said, I know what you need to do, she turned me around so my back was facing her, and faster than a lightening strike, she slipped her arms under my arms, and with one quick heave, my feet where off the floor and from the middle of my back came a loud audible CRACK! All I could say was, I’m pretty sure I can touch the floor now. 



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