Apple Trees Are Planted

Our property sites on old farm land and there is still one pear tree and one apple tree not far from our home. 

Three years ago, I took several seeds from one of the apples and grew them. They seem nice and healthy now, so it was time to plant them. 

These aren’t the type of apples you can eat right from the tree, but they are perfect for baking and making apple butter. Our horticulturalist neighbor friend said these will bare fruit just fine. 

We have an area where a large dead oak tree was just removed, and this created the perfect spot for our mini apple orchard. 

We started out with 6 trees. I gave two to my sister in South Carolina. We planted three of them today, and we have one left in its pot for a future home somewhere. 

I loved this. There’s nothing like growing a tree from a seed, watching it grow, and planting it for future generations to enjoy. 


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