Christmas Eve Wine And Cheese Party

I’ve wanted to host a wine and cheese party for several years now. I don’t know very much about wine, and I don’t know very much about cheese. I just know I like them both, and hosting a party sounded fancy to me. So last week when we learned that 3 of our friends, who have all lost their spouses recently, had no where to go Christmas Eve, we decided it was time for our first annual Christmas Eve Wine & Cheese Party.

We were very limited on time, so we didn’t do much planning. I read a few party planning ideas on Pinterest and thought we’d just give it a whirl with some red wine, white wine, a variety of cheese, crackers, bread, fruit, nuts and olives.

In an attempt for our party to not seem like the “dead spouse club”, we told our friends they were welcome to bring a friend along too.

Bart and I had fun setting the table and preparing the cheese. Our guest arrived at 4pm, and the party was a huge success with our friends giving us a score of 9 out of 10 possible points for our first party.  I believed we would have scored a 10, but we caught Shadow giving a quick lick to Wanda’s plate 😋 I’m pretty sure that was a point reduction right there.

We can’t wait to do this again next year! This summer I think I would like to have a Dinner & Movie party.








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