Urban Gardening

I am so ready to dig into some flower beds and veggie gardens!

A few weeks ago, I planted some sweet pepper, daisy, and forget-me-not seeds. They all are doing great.

Today, I planted a some lettuce and cucumber seeds in a couple of kits I bought on sale last fall. I was so excited I got them on sale for $4 each.


Another thing I experimented with was planting some leftover green onions. I read on Pinterest that you can plant the root end of green onions and grow more. That’s been successfully so far too.





The oregano I planted last fall survived the winter and is coming back strong. Rosemary seems to be doing well also, but we’ll have to wait and see how the wild strawberry plants do. I ordered them from a farm in Tennessee, and they didn’t arrive in the best condition. They were pretty dried out. Also, I’m not sure if I have them planted it a good location. Time will tell.


There’s something therapeutic for me about sprouting seeds and caring for plants. It takes my mind to a peaceful place ❤️


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