Our Flock

I’ve had birds in my life for 30 years. Here’s our current flock. I can’t imaging living without the happy sounds of singing, chirping, and bird whistles in our home. 

Houdini: Male cockatiel, age unknown but older than 18. I adopted him and his mate (passed away) from the animal shelter when we lived in Las Vegas. 

Squeaky: Male cockatiel, son of Houdini, age 17.

Cimme: Female cockatiel, (bottom), age approx 15-17 adopted from a former co-worker. 

PJ: Female cockatiel, (top) daughter of Houdini age 17. 

Myra: Female parakeet (yellow). 

Mr Snickles: Male parakeet (green).    

Both are 8 years old. Adopted from former co-worker. 

Mr Snickles eyes 👀 open. 

Pebbles, male parakeet age 8. He’s not really this fat. He’s all fluffed up at the moment. 

Our newest member is Miss Cricket, female Society Finch approximately 3-4 years old. Adopted from my co-worker. She recently lost her canary mate and has joined our flock 4 days ago. 


How to get a hummingbird out of the garage

For the first time ever, and within the same day, we had two hummingbirds in our garage. When we saw the first one, we weren’t overly concerned. We figured if we left the door open, it would find its way out. We went inside and gave the little bird some time on its own to get out, but when we checked on it about 20 minutes later, it was still flying frantically back and forth close toward the ceiling of the garage. That was when we thought we better do a Google search to find out what to do.

Our Google search told us that this situation usually ends badly. “The confused hummingbird will hover near the ceiling, searching every high corner of the room, until it has to rest, usually on the garage door track or a light fixture (once it gets it in its mind that “up” is the only way out, it will refuse to fly through an open door). It will repeat this cycle until it is completely exhausted and dies, which can only take a few hours”. 

Several sites recommended holding up a colorful rake and the hummingbird will think it’s a flower and step right up on it. Well, our bird was interested in the rake but wouldn’t stay on it. As soon as we moved, the bird flew off. So Bart and I thought, what if we hung our hummingbird feeder on the end of the rake and held that up… Voila! In less than two minutes, we had the hummingbird out of the garage. Happy ending!  

We went on doing our outdoor chores and about an hour later, I saw another hummingbird buzzing around the garage. We grabbed the rake and hummingbird feeder and in less than a minute had that one out too. We finished up our yard work but this time with the garage door closed.

See the hummingbird? (Top left)

Now he’s on the feeder and on his way to freedom again.

Hope you find this information useful. One day it might come in handy.

Mt. Mitchell

We had an amazing hike today to the summit of Mt. Mitchell. Temperature at the summit was 66 degrees, 20 degrees cooler than Asheville. We enjoyed lunch at the Mt. Mitchell View restaurant, and Shadow came home with a new, well behaved furry friend from the gift shop. This was a great day.